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Politics, religion, oppression, vengeance and liberation (along with some fantasy and psychodrama thrown in as well)...  Season 6 surrounds those things that pave the Road to Upheaval -- perhaps most of all: control.  Who's in control?  What happens when you lose control?  When happens when you try to control another person, or even thousands of people?  How long is it before everything spins out of control and falls apart or disintegrates (or is it only an illusion of control which disintegrates)?  Perhaps a darker season than has been our norm, but with understated humor, much to offer, and filled with questions.  We seek to engage in a conversation with our community and explore these questions together and as we may through the works of such masters as Milton, Kafka, Shakespeare (and Bach, as well as with the help of commedia dell'arte, a visit to the loony bin, and a dystopian fantasy of a senile God, just for good measure.  All of it produced, explored, directed and performed by your friendly neighborhood all-volunteer TdArtists.  We hope you'll join us for the ride.

"This never-ending Road presents challenges we never fully under-stand. Our world has changed beneath our feet.  Advances in Science and Technology have fundamentally altered the way we communicate -- and more. Technology is not all that has mutated this world. It is but a mere harbinger of the changes yet to come. Change has been happening to humanity since we began measuring time, but the speed at which changes happen has increased exponentially. The speed at which we travel this Road is no longer limited. We can go as fast as we dream and probably faster. Will we crash at the end? Well, let’s hope for the best, buckle our safety belts, and from our Stage we will attack this Road in the hope that it won’t kill us…

Along the Road to Upheaval, old Monuments are crumbling and new ones are being built… This season Theatre 'd Art barrels down the Road, examining many of the Monuments of humanity: the Media; Religion; Justice; Authority; Relationships; Sanity; and the Ability to Think for Oneself…little is spared. The plays we have chosen this year address these many Monuments. We begin with the political satire
ABdUCTING dIANA (Oct 19—Nov 4), by Dario Fo, tackling the media, the “truth”, and the manipulative buffoons behind it all. Next is THE TRIAL (Jan 11—27), Kafka’s journey through the sham of a legal sys-tem that destroys the liberty of one man, as well as the illusion of transparency and fair-ness. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (Feb 8—24), by Ken Kesey, our 3rd play, continues in the struggle against authority while navigating the perils of self-doubt and insanity. In MARISOL (Mar 15—30), by José Rivera, our society falls victim to a battle--where guardian Angels take up arms against a senile and dying God, bent on taking the universe with him. Taking the 5th position: a devised perform-ance based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest called A TEMPESTUOUS NOISE (Apr 19—May 5), which follows the vengeance of the wizard Prospero, picking through the pieces of his own life’s upheaval and exploring the illusory nature of art and reality. Sixth and last is the great war in heaven: PARAdISE LOST (Jun 28—Jul 14), the original religious epic of rebellion by John Milton, adapted by local playwright Jeff Keele. Why is humanity “fallen”? Where have we fallen to, and who is truly responsible?

Truly the road is fraught with danger and offenses of every sort. And in this we see much good. Theatre 'd Art has always set about to create a theatrical experience which is new, exciting, engaging and enlightening, and in this season we humbly hope to achieve that. We hope these shows will pull you into a world that, as a whole, provides you with Laughter, Tragedy, Wonder and Spectacle--the 'Monuments' of being alive. But we also hope to provide a theatrical world that is honest. A world that doesn’t lie to you and tell you that it’s all fine and rosy, or conversely that it’s all gloom and nihilism. If indeed our monuments are disintegrating around us, will we sit idly by and let it happen or guide our revolutions so that they will take us down the next stretch of Road, one with fewer bumps, better suspension to ab-sorb those bumps and finally make for a destination worth talking about?
—Brian Mann, Artistic Director




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