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 THEATREdART is an independent theater company aiming to bring bold and challenging work to the burgeoning art scene of Colorado Springs.  Read our mission statement here.


 Currently in its eighth season, THEATREdART (or TdA, for short) takes proposals from local artists for works to produce throughout the year.  Those works are then staged by a tireless army of full-time volunteers, afficionados, romantics and weirdos in it for the love of the craft and looking to collaborate with other artists across the spectrum. 

TdA productions range from the dark, intimate, and perverse to the over-blown, whimsical, and hysterical.  Wanna know more?  Check us out on facebook (here) -- we're always looking for new hands!

"Some of the most provocative works ever produced in this city [with] staggering ambition and depth." -- Todd Wallinger, Colorado Springs Gazette



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